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PSVita wallpapers and themes

Retro gaming lock This PS Vita Retro games lockscreen gathers all the best retro games into one fine lockscreen. Credit for this PS Vita lockscreen goes to Sakis25
PS Vita homescreen template How do you create a PS Vita wallpaper? Well the best way is to start with this PS Vita homescreen wallpaper template. Notice that the download contains a PSD file which needs to be opened with a program such as photoshop or any other PSD compatible picture editing software. Create the ultimate PS Vita wallpaper, start from this template!
Abstract pack An abstract PS Vita theme created by this PS Vita theme contains multiple wallpapers so you can assign different wallpapers to different pages on your device
Terminator in this Playstation Vita wallpaper theme the T-800 terminator robot is watching closely what you are doing on your PS Vita.
Walking Dead Wallpaper This PS Vita wallpaper will make the walking dead fans drool. The deserted city on the background and playstation vita icons featuring the most important walking dead characters and some walkers - zombies
Mavel Lego A PS Vita Wallpaper on an upcomming game hit, this is the Marvel super heroes edition of the Lego Game as a wallpaper theme for your PS Vita game console!
COD Ghosts lockscreen this PS Vita lockscreen is based on the latest release in the Call of Duty game series, enjoy this COD Ghosts lockscreen for your PS Vita console
x-men wolverine A PS Vita lockscreen on one of the most popular X-men characters around: wolverine, with his deadly claws he can take on about any enemy! Enjoy this Playstation vita wolverine lockscreen!
Manga Vita Wallpaper All anime lovers will love to have this beautiful Anime chick on the background of their PS Vita, its the ultimate Anime PS Vita wallpaper!
Addicted to bass For the hard-dance fans amongst us, we bring you this addicted to bass theme wallpaper for your PS Vita. Credit for the wallpaper in this PS vita theme goes to Gredius
Bubblicious This bubblicious PS Vita wallpaper converts your PS Vita icon spots into giant bubbles while smaller bubblers are dancing around on your background
Biohazard An exclusive radioactive cool biohazard wallpaper for your PS Vita exclusively designed by us and based on an external wallpaper by an unknown author.
Despicable Me a playstation vita wallpaper based on the funny Minions, the followers of the Super-Villain Gru. the minions of this animated movie in this wallpaper will put a smile on your face at any time! enjoy this exclusive wallpaper for your PS Vita
Motorhead A PS vita wallpaper on the loudest rockband in the world, motorhead. This PS vita wallpaper theme contains the well known Motorhead logo in the background and uses ace of spades PS vita icon spots. If you are rock and roll, you got to have this Motorhead wallpaper installed on your gameconsole!
Persona-Exclusive This PS Wallpaper theme is inspired by a Persona anime series and game wallpaper created by BlizzardRemix.
The Wolf of Wallstreet This Playstation vita wallpaper is inspired by the newest Martin Scorsese movie featuring Leonardo Di Caprio, this is the wolf of wallstreet PS vita wallpaper
Captain America 2014 theme This exclusive PS Vita Theme - Wallpaper shows us Americas biggest hero, Captain America, in his fight against the winter soldier! A must have theme for your Playstation vita!
Borderlands2-Wallpapers This exclusive PS Vita wallpaper features the most important characters from the Borderlands 2 game and uses bright yellow Cyborg icons as PS vita icon set
Original themes set a furturistic and original wallpaper themes set for your PS Vita. Colorful liquid metal flowing over your playstation vitas screen in this wallpaper pack created by Death_Comes_Slow
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