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PS Vita Games Lockscreens

Lock your PS Vita in style with one of these games themes related Playstation Vita lockscreens!
Green Starfox Green starfox, the 3D Science Fiction rail shooter is a popular game designed by nintendo. This is the PS Vita lockscreen based on the game
GOW lock the mercyless Kratos of the god of war playstation game staring at you in this PS vita lockscreen
ICO a playstation vita lockscreen on a game designed by sony called ICO, an action adventura game released for the PS2
Katamari Damacy Katamari Damacy was a low budget but great puzzle game developed for the Sony Playstation 2. This is a PS vota lockscreen tribute to this fantastic puzzle game
Legend of Zelda a game which reminds everybody back of the good old first days of console gaming, legend of zelda in a nice retro lockscreen for your PS Vita

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